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Istrabenz Plini Group

Istrabenz Plini Group is the region’s leading gas supply and energy solutions company, providing for customers in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.


Our mission is to enable the efficient use of gases through contemporary energy solutions for households, local communities, commercial facilities and industry.


Our vision is to become the region’s most successful provider of industrial gases and integrated energy services and solutions.

Companies in the Group are proud members of the SIAD Group

SIAD is one of the most important chemical groups in Italy and supplies a full range of industrial, specialty, food and medical gases, in addition to operating in the following sectors connected with the world of gases: engineering, healthcare, LPG and Natural gas.


In Slovenia:

In Croatia:

In Bosnia and Herzegovina:

In Serbia:


The SIAD Group, and by extension the Istrabenz Plini Group, are based on high ethical standards and four pillars of values:

Activities of the Group

The Istrabenz Plini Group’s operations are based on four pillars of activity, enabling us to offer our customers, for personal or business use, comprehensive energy solutions and accessible and reliable energy supply:

  • Production and distribution of technical gases in cylinders, bundles, mobile and fixed pressure vessels and on-site systems.
  • Distribution of LPG in gas storages and cylinders and household cylinders – the trademark Plindom and autogas.
  • Sales and distribution of natural gas.
  • Integrated energy solutions for private and commercial users – energy performance contracting.

The Istrabenz Plini Group operates under the auspices of the Italian SIAD Group, which encourages the transfer of knowledge and experience which we transform into benefits for our customers.

As a company, we are focused on transitioning to a low-carbon future using efficient and sustainable solutions.

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