26 eticni kodeks

Code of Ethics

V Plinarni Maribor smo zavezani najvišjim standardom etičnega ravnanja, ki temeljijo na načelih in vrednotah Skupine Istrabenz plini in Skupine SIAD, katerima pripadamo.

SIAD Group Code of Ethical Conduct

The SIAD Group’s principles and values are based on honesty and openness and commit us to strict compliance with legal requirements, respect for employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and fair competition. In accordance with our corporate identity, we focus on providing quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

The Code of Ethics formally summarises the values of the SIAD Group – it defines the actions we are obliged to take in order to ensure that our work is done correctly and consistently. Compliance with the Code is essential to maintain the integrity and reputation of the SIAD Group to which Istrabenz Plini Group belongs.

Code of ethical conduct of the SIAD group:

Reporting irregularities in the SIAD Group

SIAD enables all employees of the SIAD Group companies to report and/or inform about suspected infringements and illegal activities occurring in the organisation through a digital platform.

This measure complies with the provisions of EU legislation, applicable local legislation and the Code of Conduct adopted by the individual company of the SIAD Group.

The portal allows 24-hour reporting of irregularities and/or illegal acts or omissions that may actually or allegedly violate the principles enshrined in the Code of Conduct, the organisation and corporate governance models of the SIAD Group. The anti-corruption guidelines and applicable legislation, as well as breaches of the Company’s rules and policies, or other breaches that may lead to fraud, potential damage, or that involve acts of a harmful or illegal nature in relation to the interests and reputation of the organisation.

Reports on irregularity are submitted by employees in good faith and not anonymously, and are received by a designated “Irregularities Officer” in the SIAD Group.

Special security measures ensure the maximum protection of the reporting person as well as the reported individuals.. The portal ensures that the identity of the reporting person and the content of the report are kept confidential, in particular through the use of specific security protocols and cryptographic tools that protect personal data and information, including that contained in possible annexes. The entire irregularities management process protects the reporting person against possible direct or indirect pressures and discrimination in the workplace. The “whistleblower” also has the opportunity to follow the progress of the investigation via portal.

All personal data is processed in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679, as subsequently amended and supplemented, and any other applicable provisions relating to the protection of personal data, with full respect for fundamental rights and freedoms. In particular with regard to the confidentiality of the identity of the individuals involved and the security of data processing.


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