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About the company

Towards a cleaner future.

We provide contemporary energy solutions and gas supply. Our services lead to a low-carbon future for households and businesses. More

Technical gases

Advanced solutions for the industry

We offer a wide range of technical gases for production processes in various industries. Many of the products we use every day are made using technical gases. More

LPG in cylinders

Practical and versatile

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the collective name for propane, butane and their mixtures in different proportions. LPG is stored in practical cylinders, therefore it is the ideal choice for households and businesses. More

LPG in bulks

Reliable supply

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) can be stored in above-ground and underground gas storages near buildings. Thanks to the excellent logistics support, the LPG supply will be reliable and fast. More

Natural gas and DSO

Pure, affordable energy

Natural gas is the cleanest, most versatile and environmentally friendly source of energy. In addition to that, it is also reliable, easy to use and affordable. More

Energy solutions

Services tailored to your needs

Our energy solutions provide an energy-saving heating, advanced power generation and a more favorable environmental balance sheet for your business or household. More

Check the Plinarna Maribor offer

Plinarna Maribor offers comprehensive solutions for use of gases in households, industrial processes, service activities and public institutions.

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Istrabenz Plini Group

We supply gas and modern gas technologies to major companies, hospitals, households and other places where gas can contribute to a better quality of life.more

*Istrabenz Plini Group in 2023

Istrabenz plini
SIAD group

Proud member of the SIAD Group

SIAD is an international chemical group active for almost 100 years in the business sectors of: Industrial Gases, Engineering, Healthcare, LPG and Natural Gas, in addition it offers energy solutions and environmental management services.More